The Dark Side of Caine’s Arcade

By now, hopefully you’ve seen this wonderful video.  If you haven’t, take the time to brighten your day.  It’s really inspiring.  

They showed this video to my daughter in kindergarten and she also got very inspired:  she was thrilled to discover a way that kids can make money!  She started building her own arcade in our apartment.

But look, that Caine is a pretty extraordinary kid (info on his foundation here).  It took a lot of work to make his arcade.  My daughter…she’s looking for a quick buck.  


Her first game:  a cardboard surfboard.


Her second game:  um…another cardboard surfboard??

My daughter’s games are really the Coby Walkman of cardboard games.  Where Caine’s Arcade represents the innovative, inspiring side of childhood, my daughter’s Arcade represents the slap-it-together, on-to-the-next-thing side of childhood.  And there’s way more of that side.  

For now, it looks like Caine’s Arcade doesn’t face serious competition from my daughter.

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    Whereas someone like my brother relates to Caine, I relate to this guys daughter. Proud, I am not.
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